Enjoy Survival game / Air-soft Game in Tokyo (Akihabara)

If you've always been interested in airsoft games (called "survival games" in Japan), but were worried because you didn't understand the rules... this is for you! Come and experience the fun of airsoft!

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AS0BIBA is a company that offers survival game service and owns several fields in Tokyo. Each filed has a completely different theme and you can enjoy a unique survival game.

Optional equipment (Payment Required. Reserve directly during the activity)

Rental fees
Itemized fees

Airsoft gun (handgun) ¥2,000
Electric handgun + red dot sight(Tokyo Marui Glock 18C: limited to 5 guns) ¥2,500
Airsoft rifle ¥2,500
Mask ¥500
Camouflage wear ¥1,000
3-item accessory set (hat, scarf, gloves) ¥500
・Set items
・Full set
(Handgun, mask, camouflage wear, 3-item accessory set)   
Weekdays: ¥2,500
Saturdays/Sundays/Holidays: ¥3,500

・Rifle full set
(Rifle, mask, camouflage wear, 3-item accessory set)   
Weekdays: ¥3,000
Saturdays/Sundays/Holidays: ¥4,000

Who can participate

18 years old and above.


*Please refer to the Additional Options if you prefer a translator in a language other than English.

Where we will meet

3-1-16 Sotokanda, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 101-0021 Daido Limited Bldg. 2nd FL (*Entrance via stairs from the rear of the building)

Cancellation Policy

Based on Japan Standard Time, GMT+9
・7 days before the date: 30% of the total amount
・3 days before the date: 50% of the total amount
・1 days before the date: 80% of the total amount
・On the date: Full charge


1. English speaking taxi driver will pick you up at your requested pick up place.(In case of your order)
2. For the special request, kindly contact us by E-mail (info@jjrakoo.com).
3. At the same time, kindly provide below detail.
4. For the cancellation policy will base on Japan standard time, GMT +9.
5. After the payment received all the cancellation are non-refundable.
6. No show or cancellation on the day of visit, there are non-refundable.

oAll participants' name
oTotal number of participants
oVisit date
oPick up time
oPick up place
oDrop off time
oDrop off place

Additional Note: Advance reservation are required.
Please reserve directly through our website.
Advance purchase required after the activity is decided to be held.

Plan Description

What is Air-soft Game?

1) It's a shootout competition using BB pellets! An airsoft game involves competitors splitting into 2 teams and firing BB pellets at each other using airsoft guns.

2) The rules are extremely simple! The objective is to take the other team's flag (located in their territory), or to eliminate all of their players.

3) As with golf, the game is bound by an honor system! If you are hit with a BB pellet, you are required to declare that you are ""hit!"" and exit the game field.

4) Each game lasts about 5 minutes. It's surprisingly short! Breaks will be taken in between games during your allotted time, and you will play several games. Includes all rental items, so you can come empty-handed. Single participants can join. Participants can enter after the game has started, and can leave the game during gameplay as well. 

ASOBIBA Akihabara ~ Fully equipped rental services! Even beginners can enjoy our airsoft field, set in "ruins in a forest" ~ 
The concept of ASOBIBA Akihabara is ""ruins in a forest""! We provide an extraordinary, atmosphere-filled environment, located in the office building-lined streets of Akihabara's electric avenues. Here, you can easily experience the thrill of targeting your enemies, and being targeted by them - excitement that you could never have in normal everyday life. You can enjoy thrilling games in the moody dark of the forest, like the extended range shootouts in the ""forest zone,"" or the heart-pounding excitement of close quarter combat in the ""ruins zone."" We provide tutorials for beginners, and the staff will conduct assistance during gameplay, so even airsoft beginners and solo participants can come empty-handed and feel free to participate and enjoy the experience.

ASOBIBA Akihabara information
Akihabara Field      
Addr: 3-1-16 Sotokanda, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 101-0021 Daido Limited Bldg. 2nd FL (*Entrance via stairs from the rear of the building)
Open time: Working day 11:30 ~ 22:00 (Open from 10:00 a.m. for private reservations)

                      Saturdays/Sundays/Holidays: 10:00 a.m. ~ 22:00

*Available for 24-hour use during private reservation.
 Tel:  03-3527-1743

Types of usage at Akihabara Field

・Join the free Open Battles! The battles are organized by the ower of Akihabara Field, every one can take the participate in this course and play with the others together! Singal     guest is also welcome!

・Shooting range! Enjoy sport shooting by firing at targets. Available only during open participation battles.

・Beginners are welcome to join! Do not worry about the game rules or the way how to use the guns. We provide free tutorials for beginners, including the proper use of guns and instruction in the basic rules of airsoft games. Equipment rental service is also available.Please feel free to participate it!

・The course duration includes the explanation of the game regulations and rules ,also the game manners in order to insure the guests`s  safety.

・Tutorials  instructions such as the way of using the gun will be provided for beginners without charge. 


Our Plans

Plan1:Enjoy Survival game / Air-soft Game in Tokyo (Akihabara)

The tour fee of survival game.
Rental fee of equipment in the game
Introduction & lecture about Air-soft game

【Not Included】
-The rental fee for battle fatigues (1000 yen per person), one set included glove,hat and scarf(500 yen per person)
-The rental fee for full set which includes hand gun,full face mask,battle fatigues set,hat,scarf, glove.( Mon~Fri 2500 yen per person, on Sat,Sun,Festival and Holiday: 3500 yen per person)
-Please note the rental fee should be paid on the spot.
-The transfer fee to the game center.Usually it takes about 500 yen-100 yen per person for one way transfer from the city center (23 districts) of Tokyo to the game center by public transportation means.
-If you would request the private vehicle transfer service, please kindly contact us.

【Duration】5.5 HRS

【Schedule】(for example,time maybe vary)
10:00 am Check in at the reception of the game center
11:00 am Lecture about Air-soft Game
12:00 Air-soft Game start
15:30 Game over.

【Service time】
Mon~Fri       ①12:00~15:30  ②17:00~21:30  ③18:00~21:30
Sat,Sun & Holiday: ①11:00~15:30 ②17:00~21:30 ③23:00~04:30(next day)

Please note time schedule will be changed as per date.Please check follow below time stable and make the reservation prior the service date.
Please kindly note the check-in time is one hour prior below service time.

Please note the tour need the advance reservation. Please kindly contact us if you decided to join this tour.
Although there is no clothing regulation, long sleeves and long trousers are recommended for safety. If you are concerned about dirt etc, please use rented camouflage clothing. There is no provision for shoes only      
rental, so prepare a moving athletic shoes ready. In addition, you can play comfortably if you have clothes and towels when sweating.



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