Visiting the location of 2020 Tokyo Olympics

In anticipation of the opening ceremonies in six years, the renovation of the national stadiums, the development of the coastal areas, and the preparations for establishing accessibility by public transportation are moving forward at a quick pace. This plan makes it possible to visit the venues while they are being prepared for the start of the Tokyo Olympic Games.


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・7 days before the date: 30% of the total amount
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・1 days before the date: 80% of the total amount
・On the date: Full charge


・Plans do not include individual transportation costs (trains, buses, fees for using other means of public transportation)
・The costs due to responding to new requests during the tour are not included.
・The tour contents may change due to the traffic conditions at the time of transfer and the progress of the facilities' construction.
・The tour contents can be changed according to the customer's wishes.

Plan Description

Olympic Stadium Heritage Zone and Tokyo Bay Zone
(1)New National Stadium:Opening and closing ceremony / Track and field events, Soccer

(2)Tokyo Gymnasium / Table tennis

(3)Yoyogi National Gymnasium / Handball

(4)Nippon Budokan / Judo, Karate

(5)Tokyo International Forum / Weightlifting

(6)Kokugikan / Boxing

(7)Ariake Arena / Volleyball

(8)Ariake Gymnastics Arena / Gymnastics

(9)Ariake BMX Course / Bicycle race (BMX racing)

(10)Ariake Tennis Forest Park / Tennis

(11)Odaiba Beachfront Park / Swimming (marathon swimming), Triathlon

(12)Shiokaze Park / Volleyball (Beach volleyball)

(13)Aomi Urban Sports Arena / Skateboarding, Climbing

(14)Oi Hockey Arena / Hockey

(15)Uminomori Cross-country Course / Horseback riding (Cross-country)

(16)Uminomori Aquatic Arena / Canoe (Sprint), Rowing

(17)Canoe Slalom Grounds / Canoe (Slalom)

(18)Yumenoshima Park / Archery

(19)Olimpic Aquatics Center / Swimming (Competitive swimming, Diving, Synchronized swimming)

(20)Tokyo Tatsumi International Swimming Center / Swimming(Water polo)

(21)Bajikoen / Horseback riding, General Horseback riding (excluding Cross-country), Obstacle course

(22)Musashino Forest General Sports Plaza / Badminton, Pentathlon (Fencing)

(23)Tokyo Stadium / Soccer, Rugby, Pentathlon (Swimming, Horseback riding, Running, Shooting)

(24)Saitama Super Arena / Basketball (Basketball)

(25)Ground Self-Defense Forces Asaka Training Grounds / Shooting

(26)Kasumigaseki Country Club / Golf

(27)Makuhari Messe A Hall / Taekwondo, Wrestling

(28)Makuhari Messe B Hall / Fencing

(29)Tsurigasaki Beach Surfing Venue / Surfing

(30)Yokohama Stadium / Baseball / Softball

(31)Enoshima Yacht Harbor / Sailing

(32)Izu Velodrome / Bicycle race (track)

New National Stadium (Olympic Stadium)

"This venue was the Olympic Stadium of the 1964 games, and until 2020 it will be reborn as a state-of-the-art stadium. This stadium is owned by the Japanese Sports Promotion Center, and is to be used for sports-related and cultural events, such as international soccer games and the Athletics Japan Series."


Tokyo Gymnasium

"In this facility, at the time of the 1964 Olympic Games, the gymnastics events (in the main arena) and the water polo matches (in the indoor swimming pool) were held. It is one of the facilities carrying the legacy of the 1964 Games. Today, it is a gymnastics hall of crucial importance, even in a metropolitan area hosting several large scale sports events, such as world championships. Besides the main arena capable of taking in about 10,000 people, a sub-arena, a swimming pool, and a training room are attached, among other things."

Yoyogi National Gymnasium

"This facility was erected according to the plans of the Japanese architect Kenzō Tange, to be used as the venue for the 1964 Olympic Games' swimming and basketball events. It is characterized by its hanging roof made of high-strength low-alloy steel, and it is decorated by many reliefs. It is still held in high regard today for its Olympic legacy, and is famous worldwide. This venue is adjacent to the beautiful lush greenery of the Meiji Shrine, and to Yoyogi Park, a public park sharing the same 1964 Olympic legacy."


Nippon Budokan

"The Nippon Budokan is the holy grounds of Japanese martial arts, for example judo. Judo was first introduced as an Olympic event during the 1964 Olympic Games, in this very arena. This building, with a main roof reminiscent of Mount Fuji's mountainside with its beautifully flowing lines, is one of those carrying the legacy of the 1964 Olympics. Today, beyond martial arts, it is also utilized for a diverse range of events, such as concerts."


Tokyo International Forum

"The glass building with the giant boat-shaped atrium space is a symbolic construction. This building opened its doors in 1997 with a threefold mission: the hall should become a focal point for general cultural activities, for the exchange and creation of information, and for international exchange. In this place, which is highly attractive to customers, stood the Tokyo Government Office's building for roughly one century, until it was moved to Shinjuku in 1991 – the site was an administrative center until the very near past. Today it is used for a wide range of events, such as concerts, musicals, or exhibitions."



"The Kokugikan is the sacred grounds of sumo, the Japanese national sport. The arena has the shape of a mortar; the spectators can watch the matches happening in the center, sitting on all four sides. The facility has also served as the venue of professional boxing title matches in the past."


Ariake Arena

"This new arena is currently under construction in the north of Ariake District. It is planned as a facility able to seat more than 10,000 customers in its main arena. After the Games, the facility can be used for large sports events including international championships and diverse other events, serving as a new focal point of sports and culture."

Ariake Gymnastics Arena

"It is planned in the North of Ariake District, a waterfront area close to the Olympic Village and the Media Center. During the Games, a temporary gymnastics-exclusive venue, capable of seating about 12,000 visitors, will be prepared."


Ariake Tennis Forest Park

"This area, which includes 48 outside tennis courts surrounded by greenery and the Ariake Coliseum, is said to be the sacred grounds of Japanese tennis. Ariake Coliseum is a multipurpose stadium, equipped with all-weather courts and a sliding roof, capable of seating 10,000 people. Besides international tennis championships and important domestic tournaments, it is used for an extensive range of events, such as for entertainment purposes."

Odaiba Beachfront Park

"Set in a futuristic scenery made up of a combination of the sea, green nature, the Rainbow Bridge, and resort hotels of the metropolis, this park can be found in Odaiba, one of Japan's foremost sightseeing spots. Surrounding the calm inlet that expands towards the Daiba Park side (Fort Number Three), there are both sandy and rocky beaches. During the Games, temporary facilities will be constructed to serve the events."

Shiokaze Park

"In this park, with the waterfront's symbol, the Rainbow Bridge in the background, Tokyo Bay's beautiful landscape can be observed. It is in close proximity to the Odaiba Beachfront Park. During the Games, temporary facilities will be prepared for the beach volleyball events."



Uminomori Aquatic Arena / Canoe Slalom Grounds / Olimpic Aquatics Center / Tokyo Tatsumi International Swimming Center / Bajikoen / Musashino Forest General Sports Plaza / Tokyo Stadium / Saitama Super Arena / Makuhari Messe / Enoshima Yacht Harbor / Izu Velodrome



Our Plans

Plan1:Visiting the location of 2020 Tokyo Olympics   (1 day course)

・Participants will be accompanied by an interpreter of their preferred language.
・Start/End location A reserved bus to and from your hotel or your preferred location can be arranged for a fee.
・Participants will be accommodated with an exclusive reserved bus.

1. A Plan (1 day course)

      · Aggregation time     10: 00 ~
      · Set / Dissolved location   Hotel / Lobby of the stay

10:00 Pick up at the hotel lobby or your designated place
10:05 2020 Lecture on the preparation situation of Tokyo Olympic Games
10:30 Visit facilities according to customer's request (pre-booked) Heritage zone or Tokyo Bay Zone
12:00 Lunch
13:00 Visit facilities according to customer's request (pre-booked) Heritage zone or Tokyo Bay Zone
16:00 Sent to the hotel lobby or your designated location


Plan2:Visiting the location of 2020 Tokyo Olympics  (half day course)

B Plan (half day course)

· Aggregation time ① 10: 00 ~ ② 14: 00 ~
· Set / Dissolved location Hotel / Lobby of the stay

                 10:00 Pick up at the hotel lobby or your designated place
10:05 2020 Lecture on the preparation situation of Tokyo Olympic Games
10:30 Visit facilities according to customer's request (pre-booked) Heritage zone or Tokyo Bay Zone
13:00 Sending to the hotel lobby or your designated location

14:00 Pick up at the hotel lobby or your designated place
14:05 2020 Lecture on the preparation situation of Tokyo Olympic Games
14:30 Visit facilities according to customer's request (pre-booked) Heritage Zone or Tokyo Bay Zone
17:00 Sending to the hotel lobby or your designated location

                         · The above plan does not include individual transportation expense (transportation fee using public transport such as train, bus etc).
                         · It does not include expenses when responding to new requests during the tour.
                         · The contents of the tour may be changed depending on the traffic situation at the time of movement and the progress of the facility construction.
                          · It is possible to change the tour contents according to your request.

       ※ Option Plan

· We will arrange a specialized limousine (driver who can speak English).


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