Tokyo Sky Cruise Blue sky and evening sky flight

A dreamlike flight with a grand view Enjoy the ever changing view from the Tokyo sky


Tokyo Sky Cruise

We have been providing a helicopter cruising service for more than 20 years.
We offer this service to show you the beautiful sky that changes depending on the season and the time of the day.

Optional equipment (Payment Required. Reserve directly during the activity)

★Anniversary cake 1,500 yen
We can prepare 2 types of cakes and ice creams with your desired message or name garnished on top.
Please tell us the message when you register for the course.
★Flower bouquet starting from 4,500 yen
*Please let us know beforehand if you have a specific time when you wish to have the flowers handed.

★Picture of the helicopter in a wooden frame 2,000 yen

★Flight certification along with a picture of the helicopter 1,500 yen
Wouldn’t you want a flight log to commemorate your flight?
★Proof of proposal with a picture of the helicopter 1,500 yen
The frame and the certificate have a picture of the helicopter you flew in that day. It also comes with a the pilot’s signature who witnessed the proposal.

Check the Tokyo Sky Cruise Website for more details on the additional options.


*Please refer to the Additional Options if you prefer a translator in a language other than English.

Where we will be

Preferred time setting    
from 15:30 to 30 minutes after sunset

Flight time:approx. 15 min

Cancellation Policy

Based on Japan Standard Time, GMT+9
・7 days before the date: 30% of the total amount
・3 days before the date: 50% of the total amount
・1 days before the date: 80% of the total amount
・On the date: Full charge


*Non private flights can have up to 8 people
*Children under the age of 3 ride for free
*The images of the course plan might be different from the actual flight path
*The departure time and flight path might be changed due to unavoidable circumstances, like the weather conditions of that day
*Depending on the helicopter’s condition, a different helicopter might be used instead
*The flight time and flight schedule might vary depending on the day

Plan Description

Tokyo Sky Cruise  - Blue sky and evening sky flight 

A flight during the bright time of the day when you can see the beautiful scenery. You can choose between the daytime or the evening.     

It’s a dreamlike course, where you can see Tokyo’s grand view and the Tokyo Skytree up close from 600 meters in the air.(from 15:30 to 30 minutes after sunset Flight time: approx. 15 min)

Lounge introduction

Before and after the flight, you can use the lounge, which is our pride and joy.
On a sunny day, you can see all the way to Yokohama on the other side of the coast.
The evening sun that sets into the Tokyo Bay, and the glowing lights from across the bay -  no matter what time it is, you can enjoy a romantic scenery on the terrace.


The stylish café-bar CRUISE CAFÉ EXCEL

Why not have a drink and enjoy an elegant time in our lounge with a view of the ocean?
We have many different drinks and snacks prepared, so you could enjoy lovely time in the CRUSE CAFÉ EXCEL. 



Our Plans

Plan1:Tokyo Sky Cruise  - Blue sky and evening sky flight 


Please choose your Plan

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