Mindfulness&Yoga early morning experience

Mindfulness & Yoga early morning Retreat


Sir ma saori

Mindfulness meditation studio Sri presided. Representative director of the Japan Mindfulness Association.

While growing up surrounded by majestic nature, it was not taught by anyone from early childhood, but spontaneously meditating as a custom.
After that, She encountered meditation methods that has been reported in yoga and various parts of the world while studying in Germany and systematically establish the meditation She was experiencing from my childhood.
At the same time She started mindfulness meditation instruction.

As a leader, She has instructed mindfulness meditation guidance in various parts of the world including India, Sri Lanka, Germany, Costa Rica, Canada, the USA, the Czech Republic, and presides a meditation classroom in history Zenji in Japan.

There are proven tracks of a total of thousands of people. Her own meditation time alone exceeded 10,000 hours.
She is also a professional jazz vocalist and has a track record of acting as a professional jazz vocalist, with the sound of the mantra and singing ball singing from a deep meditation state, she is good at meditating the live type matching the wavelength to those who were present at that moment.

Taking the East Japan great earthquake that occurred in 2011, She strongly felt that mindfulness meditation that brings out my possibilities to the utmost is strongly spread around the world, and She is going to have a studio specializing in mindfulness meditation she decided to establish it.

Currently Mindfulness Meditation Studio Sri as a representative instructor for meditation guidance. Japan owns Master Mindfulness Instructor qualification, which is a senior instructor qualification approved by the Japan Mindfulness Association.

What we will provide

1.Five senses, beyond the five senses
2.From everyday life to mindfulness meditation
3.Mindfulness through the body   
4.Sharing and socializing, etc.



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Plan Description

.  Mindfulness & Yoga early morning Retreat

・When:6:00–9:30 (reception starts at 5:30)

・Location:Golf course affiliated with the Karuizawa Marriott Hotel

・Max. capacity up to 12 participants



(1) Five senses, beyond the five senses (6:00-7:00)                      


(1) Five senses, beyond the five senses (7:00–8:00)

・Walking experience/meditation (walk on the garden/golf course fairway early in the morning)                         

・Dining meditation                        

・Lecture ""What is mindfulness?""                  

3. Mindfulness through the body (8:00-9:00)                          

・Mindfulness yoga                         

・Sit-down mindfulness meditation                  




4. Sharing and socializing, etc.  (9:00-9:30) 


Our Plans

Plan1:Mindfulness & Yoga early morning Retreat(Golf course affiliated with the Karuizawa Marriott Hotel)

Program Time 6:00~9:30

Program / Schedule
1.Five senses, beyond the five senses (6:00~7:00)
2.From everyday life to mindfulness meditation(7:00~8:00)
3.Mindfulness through the body(8:00~9:00)   
4.Sharing and socializing, etc.(9:00~9:30) 


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