Revolutionary New Drumming Entertainment in Tokyo

" MANGEKYO" approaches the number of audience mobilization of 8 million people by performing in 500 cities in 24 countries, We plan and produce in collaboration with Japanese drum entertainment group DRUM TAO (drum Tao). In this performance, we will use the projection mapping of the state-of-the-art video which evolved further from last year, the stage performance including traditional and avant-garde Japanese drumming sound, sophisticated and highly costumes merge with Japan We aim to create unique high-quality entertainment.


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Plan Description

A total of 241 performances will be held One stage is about 70 minutes, we organize the performance hours during the day and night time, and we plan to have up to 3 performances per day (there is a schedule for 2 shows).

This performance, which has been highly popular from home and abroad at the first year of the year 2017, started this year with an alternative theater in Tokyo / Yurakucho, starting with 241 long-run performances, which is about four times the previous year's number, It is going to be deployed from Monday to November.

Details on the performance after June 21 will be released on the official website in order. In addition, in the 2018 performance, we cooperated with the Nippon Television Network Corporation to promote public relations and public relations, to further disseminate the charm of this performance that has further improved, and "MANGEKYO" It will also contribute to efforts aimed at "Tokyo and Japan where the world wants to visit" as a trigger.




Outline of the performance

      Name                  Revolutionary New Drumming Entertainment in Tokyo Okinawa  - MANGEKYO -

      Period                 Yurakucho Performance May 19th (Sat) to 20th (Wed), 2018

      Venue                 Alternative Theater (Yurakucho) Yurakucho Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 2 - 5 No. 1

                                Yurakucho Marion (Yurakucho Center Building) Annex 7F Alternative Theater

      Appearance         DRUM TAO

      Hosted                JTB Communication Design, Nippon Television Network Corporation

      Planning              JTB Communication Design · Tao · Entertainment Co., Ltd.

      Cooperation         Studio Alta

      Official website

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