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Plan Description

The popularity of "Ultra marathon" running a distance over the full marathon has risen sharply in recent years.

Ultra is a road race that is more than full (42.195 km). 100 km is a classic one, and there are races that run beyond that distance. Currently, about 150 competitions are held yearly in Japan, and new conferences are also born one after another.


The pioneering event of Ultra in Japan is the 100km Ultramarathon of Saroma (hereinafter referred to as Lake Saroma) and celebrated its 32nd this year (June 25). Looking back on the history of Lake Saroma, you can see the rise of Ultra popularity. The first event of Lake Saroma was held in 1986 and started with 50 or so runners. Participants increased gradually from there. In the 100 km section, 1,362 people gathered in 1995 and nearly 3,000 people gathered in 2004, and in recent years it is popular in order of arrival (general frame).


The Ultramarathon was an impression that the villain of Gorigori was running and there were many stoic runners, but in recent years it has become quite mild, so ordinary people are participating.


Some metabolic grandmother also had some people who tried running from the age of 48 at the influence of their daughter and challenged 100 km with mother daughters (51 years old and 24 years old). People who run in disguise and people who have not run full but have participated in the 100km race as well. Ultra is becoming casual.

Besides Lake Saroma now there are many competitions that attract more than 2,000 participants such as Shimanto Ultramarathon, Challenge Fuji Goko Ultramarathon, Nozomi Yatsugatake Nobunaga Kogen 100 km Ultramarathon of Star Township.

Learn the basics of Ultramarathon in our experience course, try trying Ultramarathon in Japan How about you?


Ultra is harder than full?

Why do people run 100 km? It is a big reason that Ultra is packed with completely different charm from full. In the case of full, even though "finish" is the target at first, the feeling gradually shifts to "time". Though it tends to rise to the right while going on running for a few years after starting running, time will come to a certain point.

Then, I feel that it is not fun to run. At such timing runners will come out that will find new "hope" for Ultra. Ultra may be a bit surprising, but Ultra is a sports that can be tackled a little more slowly than running full aiming for time, depending on how you view it can not be said that it is more difficult to capture than full.


100 km "Ultramarathon" exploded popular reason

Although the difficulty of the race changes according to the event and the weather, if you have the ability to run full in about 5 hours, 100 km "finish" is fully possible. In the case of a 100 km race, the time limit is generally "14 hours". Full 5 hours is kilo 7 minutes 07 seconds pace, but even if it is late by 1 minute or more per km, it will be "calculated" that you can finish. Ultra requires "management ability" to control your body more than "speed" and how to proceed with the race well.


Common sense of Ultra which is not known and its charm

Even full experienced people are surprised by Ultra 's "common sense". Start time. For 100 km, it will be from 4 to 5 am in the morning. There are not many runners wearing headlights to run in the dark. Since it is almost impossible to control traffic, you may run on the sidewalks and stop at the traffic lights. And, compared to full, it is also characterized by many races with difference in elevation. As there are few runners who are concerned about time like full, it seems that the courses with elevation differ in challenging spirit.

In terms of the difference from full, 'meal service' will become considerably more important. For full, a sports drink alone may reach the goal, but Ultra will not do so. Rice balls, udon, castella, fruits and so on are offered at Aid station, and runners themselves also carry energy gel etc in most cases. In order not to cut the energy to the goal, we will predispose it earnestly from the beginning of the race.

The selection of "wear" is also a point. In Ultra there is an aid station that keeps the runner's luggage in the latter half of the race. Let's coordinate wear well according to weather conditions and physical condition. There is a possibility that wear at the end of the race will separate heaven and hell. Ultra has a large temperature difference compared with full. Even if you are comfortable in the T - shirts during the day, it may be getting cooler in the evening. In Ultra, "walk" and "break" are key to race capture. For example, if 100 km race is 50 km to 7 km, next 30 km to 8 km, and 20 km to goal go 9 km, the calculation will be 12 hours 50 minutes. Add 10 minutes to change clothes, just 13 hours. However, instead of actually running at that pace, sometimes you may go on a walk during a steep uphill, water supply, lunch, and during the second half of the race there will be more breaks.


The best season for the full marathon is from April to April but for Ultra it will be from April to June and from September to October. This temperature is also affected by the temperature. The full marathon is a time when the temperature is low so that a good time is given but Ultra runs for a long time and it cools not only in the morning and evening but also at the end of the race because the walk and break time increases, It is held. For example, the challenge of the late April Fuji Goko Ultramarathon (100 km part). This year I was blessed with conditions and the completion rate was 71.53%, slightly higher than usual. However, the completion rate in 2013, when the average temperature rose only by 3.6 degrees, was 49.82%, the "difficulty level" of the race changed greatly depending on the weather. For reference, the completion rate of Tokyo Marathon is about 97%.

Culture where "finishers" are praised, the majority of runners who participate in Ultramarathon will be "going to finish" rather than running on "self-best." Lake Saroma has a limited time of 13 hours, and the completion rate is as strict as 50 to 80%. After completing 10 times, the title "Saloman Blue" will be given and a blue bell will be awarded from the competition the following year. After completing 20 more times it will be "Grand Blue" and you can run with a gold bib number. There is a culture in Ultramarathon where "finishers" can be paid more than time. The goal scene is also slightly different from the full marathon.

Runners are overwhelmingly more than full with the impression, while shedding tears, the finish is over. In the case of 100 km, even if you run a full marathon twice you still have more than 15 km. Even if you imagine that you are running that distance, some people will loose your lacrimal glands. If you like running, it will be "happy" to be able to run a whole day from sunrise to sunset. Moreover, there is definitely more than a full marathon for the "achievement feeling" of the goal. Who wants to get tired of the full marathon, or who wants to try new things, why try challenging the Ultramarathon by all means? You should be able to meet new people beyond the limit.


Our Plans

Plan1:Ultra Marathon Getting Started Experience Plan

Ultra marathon goal 's sense of accomplishment is undoubtedly more than a full marathon.
Who wants to get tired of the full marathon, or who wants to try new things, why try challenging the Ultra marathon by all means?

You should be able to meet new people beyond the limit.


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